Best Beaches for Exploring

When we want to go exploring, we generally head off to the west end of the island. It’s far away from “civilization” and there is always something interesting to see.

Punta Arenas is a great starting point, and we love to simply walk it toward the south, over rocks and sand, and through the shallow water around obstacles. That’s a place to truly get away from it all. We’ve been told by locals that there used to be a town out there, in the hills above this area but to find that would take some bushwhacking beyond a typical beach stroll. On the other hand, just staying on the beach takes you to cove after cove, with plenty of places to get in and cool off, and lots of peace and quiet. From here you can imagine native people in days long ago, paddling a canoe to the big island across the water. The paddle back against the wind would have been a struggle though!

We also love the hikes in and around CaracasPlayuela, and Playa Corcho. We rarely see anyone on those trails, but you’ll see beaches, cliffs overlooking the Caribbean, and a variety of interesting plant-life in the semi-arid terrain. Bring water and enjoy the island of Vieques.

Now all those beaches are great, but when it comes to exploring, they don’t quite match up to Playa Vaca, our Favorite Beach in Vieques, for exploring! You can walk the beach toward the east, but it dead ends in the cove after the first point. But toward the west, you can climb over rocks, and keep going cove after beautiful cove. With enough diligence (stubbornness), you could come all the way around to Punta Arenas, but our experience says that will take some hill climbing and bushwhacking, not just walking in the sand and climbing over a few rocks. So good luck on that hike!