Playa Caracas


Alternate name:
Red Beach (Navy name)
Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boating, jet-skiing, hanging out on the beach

A few pavilions with grills, and a bathroom in the parking lot
Sand Type/Color:
Pure White Caribbean sand
Water Quality: 
The water at Caracas is usually very clear, more rough (w/ possible sea-weed) at the far right, calmer toward the left.

Caracas is one of the favorites among locals and travelers alike for it’s pure beauty and family friendly facilities. The sand is a perfect Caribbean white, and the water a gorgeous blue-green. There are several Gazebos remaining after the hurricane, making it a great place for gatherings. It is a large, flat half-moon shaped white-sand beach with rocky outcrops on either side and a cayo just off the shore. Playa Caracas offers easy access, it is the first beach accessible on the National Wildlife Refuge on the south side of Vieques along the Caribbean Sea.

There are pavilions, some with grills, and a few coconut palms to provide shade.