Playa Corcho


Alternate name:
Corcho Beach
Good for:
Hiking, beachcombing, solitude

Sand Type/Color:
White Caribbean sand
No people means no trash
Water Quality: 
This is a protected cove so the water is typically very clear

Playa Corcho is equal parts jungle hike and small quiet beach. The hike itself isn’t demanding as long as you are willing to brave slightly rough terrain and tree roots that want to trip you. At the end of the hike, you come out to a beach where you’re unlikely to see anyone else. We’ve been there a few times and only once saw a person, and he was on the hiking trail.

The beach is small, but has beautiful white sand. There are rocks on each end and you can do some climbing around and exploring there. There are a few small sandy spots where you can go in the shallow water to cool off but it’s not much of a swimming beach.

The beach opens to Puerto Ferro, a bay that is a nursery for many, many species, from different mangroves, to sharks, dolphins (the gray mammal, not the green fish), tarpon, etc. With luck you may see a dolphin or a turtle playing out in the bay. Otherwise, just enjoy the solitude.

There are trees for shade.