Best Beaches for Families

Not everyone is at the point in their lives where they can be selfish and do whatever they want, when they want to do it. Families with children have their own wants and needs, which change quickly as the children grow. Generally with the smaller kids, you want a calm, safe beach with little to no waves, but lots of sand to build castles, sea creatures, and other fun things. Some shade would be great, and bathrooms would be nice as well. So let’s try to find the best Vieques beaches for family.

We’ve talked about lots of exciting activities in other posts, so we’re only focusing on families with small children here. They deserve a great beach too, and we’re here to deliver! There are many beaches which meet family needs to a large extent. Sun Bay toward the far left is calm and safe. The same is true for Caracas on the left, and Playa Esperanza, all around the Sugar Pier you see kids playing and having a ball. Starfish Beach and Ceiba Tree Beach can both be nice for some family time. And if the children want to find sea glass, why not try Sea Glass Beach?

That said, Media Luna is our Favorite Beach in Vieques, for beaching it with small children. The calm water is unmatched because the cove is so well-protected, and there are cabanas and trees for shade. In a bind, you might have to drive to the Arenamar building in Sun Bay for a bathroom, and we should mention that sometimes Media Luna captures a bunch of seaweed, making the water brown and undesirable. If you catch it on a bad day, just turn around and find another place on this list, but definitely try Media Luna first!