Ceiba Tree Beach


Alternate name:
Playa Mosquito
Good for:
Beachcombing, walking the dogs, fishing, paddleboarding, and spending quiet time. Bonus: wave at the planes as they come in to land at the airport.

Sand Type/Color:
Golden/tan sand
This beach still has a some trash around the parking area because there are no trash around. Some wonderful volunteers recently cleaned several bags of ocean trash up, but quite a bit remains.
Water Quality: 
The water quality varies here quite a bit, from quite clear to somewhat cloudy. The west end of this beach can capture large amounts of seaweed at times.

This northside beach is just east of the Rompeolas (aka Mosquito) Pier, at the sage old Ceiba, a 375-year-old beauty of a tree. It was completely stripped of its foliage by Hurricane María (and doubtless in many hurricanes in the past), but today you wouldn’t know it. The old gal is as beautiful and green as ever. Once you find the Ceiba Tree, you have found the beach.

This is a long beach about 3/4 of a mile end to end, and is great for walking the dogs (hence our alternate name). It isn’t strikingly beautiful, but it has a charm that some of us are attracted to. It’s easy to find and to get to, and is great for beachcombing, or spending a day in the water, fishing, paddle boarding, etc.

There are many places on this beach with good shade trees.