Playa La Chiva #7-8


Alternate name:
Blue Beach (Navy name)
Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, sunbathing, beachwalking

Cabana at #8, Bathrooms at #3 & #12, and another one out on the main road before it turns to gravel
Sand Type/Color:
White sand, very natural with fan corals and other natural debris from time to time.
This area has been exceptionally clean in recent visits.
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear Caribbean blue

Note: Before July ’19, these entrances were labeled #9-10.

La Chiva #7 & #8 are both good swimming and snorkeling spots. #7 has a reef just off the beach and #8 is at the point straight across from the Cayo. From there, you can snorkel out to the reef at the Cayo*, sunbathe, or just stand in the shallow, calm water with a cool drink. It’s one of the most popular spots at La Chiva, but rarely is too busy to have fun. All of La Chiva is in a very natural state with some fan coral washed up on shore, and vines growing up on the sand. It’s a great beach for a long walk and a variety of activities.

There is little to no shade here, so plan accordingly.

* Note that it is illegal to walk on the Cayo for safety reasons, but it’s fine to snorkel in the water. Also, snorkeling all the way around the Cayo is advised only for strong swimmers in good conditions. The currents can be strong on the outside.

Interactive La Chiva Entrance Map