Playa La Chiva #2-6


Alternate name:
Blue Beach (Navy name)
Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, sunbathing

Cabanas at #2 & #3, bathrooms at #3, #12, and another one out on the main road before it turns to gravel.
Sand Type/Color:
White sand, very natural with fan corals and other natural debris from time to time.
Very clean beach
Water Quality: 
The water is usually crystal clear and beautiful but sometimes you'll get seaweed at the lower numbers

Note: Before July ’19, these entrances were labeled #4-#8.

La Chiva #’s 2-6 are a long white strand with different places to park.

As you drive in, the early numbers like #2 & #3 will sometimes have bigger waves and more seaweed. As you continue toward #6, you approach the point across from the Cayo which tends to be a bit calmer. Everything in between is a beautiful Caribbean blend of these two. All of La Chiva is in a very natural state with some fan coral washed up on shore, and vines growing up on the sand. It’s a great beach for a long walk and a variety of activities.

Entrances #2 & #3 have covered pavilions which offer shade, but the others don’t have any, so plan accordingly.

Interactive La Chiva Entrance Map