Nude Beaches

So you want to know about nude beaches in Vieques? You’re not alone. Many people enjoy their beach time more when they can shed all their clothes and truly soak up the sun. Freedom from chafing swimsuits, tight straps, and the dreaded wedgie, all are good reasons to skip the textiles and wear your birthday suit. And don’t forget the tan lines! Women especially don’t like tan lines dictating what they wear, or how it looks. There are others who think it’s silly, and offensive, that topless men are perfectly acceptable, but topless women are treated like criminals. To be fair, they’re probably right.

More power to the naturists, we say, but Puerto Rican culture, and Puerto Rican law may have something else to say. Traditional Puerto Rican society tends to be conservative in this sense, and even though PR has evolved considerably, nudity may yet be frowned upon by many. For these reasons, there are no designated Nude Beaches in Vieques. (although Trip Advisor occasionally has people searching for just this thing)

Are we clear on this?

As for the law, there remains an “indecent exposure” law that carries a $250 fine. Even jail time is mentioned, but I have never heard of such a thing being handed down. The penalties get worse if children (16 or under) are present, or especially if there is “sexual conduct” involved.

Now we have seen people partially and fully nude on various beaches (we’re not naming them!), and I guess many of them did not know the law. I suspect that $250 fine is going to hurt more than the extra sunburned areas.

Bottom line: if you sunbathe (or do anything else) in the nude, you are doing so at your own legal risk. Use the Vieques Beach Map and find a remote beach to enjoy yourselves where you won’t offend anyone, and won’t get a fine for indecent exposure.