Playa Voltio


Good for:
Swimming, snorkeling, beachwalking

Sand Type/Color:
Golden soft sand, with some rocks and glass
The beach is quite clean except for some broken glass
Water Quality: 
The water is usually clear and clean here

Playa Voltio is a northside beach with views of mainland PR to the left and Culebra to the right.

Toward the west, it is a nice long strip of sand for walking, beachcombing, etc. Foot protection is recommended though because most of the “sea glass” here, and there is plenty, hasn’t been tumbled smooth. In a few hundred yards, after you pass Ababor Suites, you will reach Bastimento Beach. There is good snorkeling at both of these beaches, depending on wind and waves.

There is some shade along the shore from the bushes and palm trees.