Playa Negra


Alternate name:
Black Sand Beach
Good for:
Mostly sightseeing and enjoying the solitude and beauty. Swimming on some days.

Sand Type/Color:
Jet-black magnetic sand and golden sand, varying with the tides and location along the beach.
Some storm debris remains from María, but not too much
Water Quality: 
The water is usually very clear and beautiful.

Playa Negra is a fascinating place with it’s black magnetic sand (bring a magnet!), sandy cliffs, and crashing waves. Swimming can be a bit dangerous here at times so it’s usually best to keep the children out of the water. But this beach is unique and beautiful, well worth the short hike, even though your feet will get wet, and you’ll have to use a stick to clear spider webs along the way. Pro tip: try the pattern of the cross, or the infinity symbol, as you walk to clear the webs. :)

Note that in recent trips there, all of the fallen trees, etc. (mentioned previously) have been cleared so the hike is actually quite easy.

There’s really no shade on this beach so plan accordingly.