La Plata / Platita


Alternate name:
Silver Beach (Navy name), Orchid Beach?
Good for:
Families, all kinds of beach activities, including kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, swimming, etc.

Sand Type/Color:
Pure White Caribbean sand
Platita could use a little cleanup above the dunes
Water Quality: 
Crystal clear water, sometimes has sargassum seaweed

Playa La Plata is a Southside beach that is similar to parts of La Chiva, only it is smaller and more remote. In fact, it uses the same beach entrance numbering scheme, picking up where La Chiva left off.

It’s got beautiful white sand, but may have a little seaweed from time to time. La Plata is a small cove within the larger cove of Ensenada Honda. In addition, there is Platita, which is a smaller beach you can wade to (in about chest deep water) around a small outcropping. Platita has a series of rock statues that you can enjoy or even contribute to the art and has calm water that is nice for sitting in and relaxing. The water at La Plata is calm and shallow, making it a fine beach for families, and because it’s so remote, there are never more than a few people here.

There is some shade up in the trees off the sand.