El Gallito


Alternate name:
Gringo Beach
Good for:
Fishing, surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling

Sand Type/Color:
Golden / Light Tan
The point has a lot of trash scattered about, but the beach itself is reasonably clean.
Water Quality: 
The water at El Gallito can be very clear, or fairly cloudy if it has been stirred up by storms.

El Gallito (the little rooster) is a small beach between two rocky points. You can find seaglass here, and see people fishing, surfing, swimming, etc. You can also snorkel or paddleboard on calm days. The snorkeling on the point to the right (east side of the beach) is excellent when the wind is from the southeast.
One of the best things about this beach is just sitting around and chilling with friends on a Sunday Funday afternoon. The road is very close, but it has no impact on your chill, as the sound of the waves make for a peaceful day.

There is some nice shade from the overhanging trees.