Coconut Beach


Alternate name:
Playa el Cocal, Coco Beach
Good for:
Swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, sunbathing

Sand Type/Color:
Light Tan
I don't recall seeing any trash at all here.
Water Quality: 
The water is crystal clear and beautiful

Coconut beach is a wild beach just west of Barrio Esperanza.

In the entire two hours we were here, we saw one person on the beach, far down the strand from us. At the west end there is a small cliff and large boulders that have fallen into the water. It makes for beautiful views as the waves break on the rocks. As you go toward the east, there is a line of coconut trees along the beach, in varied condition based on what Mother Nature has done to them in the past. It’s a wonderful vision of the tropics. We also found some nice sea glass there.

There is shade under the many coconut palms along this shore.