Cemetery Beach


Good for:
Hunting for shells & seaglass, sightseeing. Swimming on a calm day.

Sand Type/Color:
This area was very trashy in the past, but it received a major cleanup at some point. It now has an average amount of trash, maybe even slightly better than average..
Water Quality: 
Crystal clear Atlantic Ocean water

This is a small but beautiful beach on the northside just downhill from the “new” cemetery (the old one is in Isabel II). It is a small cove that gets a little tight in high tides, so it’s worth keeping an eye on on the water level if you spend more than an hour or so there.

We were told by a local friend that the neighborhood just up from there isn’t particularly safe, so she didn’t recommend this beach. Nevertheless, we have always had fun there collecting seaglass and seeing the views of mainland PR, Culebra, and the Isabel II harbor. The only person we’ve ever seen on this beach was a man and his young son.

There are rocks in the water, and the seas can be rough here so it’s often not suitable for swimming or other water activities, but on a calm day there is an area on the right that is swimmable, and we’re told the snorkeling is great. Depending on conditions, this beach can be really nice for fishing, beachcombing, and just enjoying the solitude.

There is some shade here, near where the path comes from the cemetery down to the sand.